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    I’m posting the link to Janelle Asselin’s survey regarding sexual harassment in comics once again, because I think it’s very important that people involved in alternative/art comics are represented. We read different comics, go to different cons, shop at different stores, work with different publishers, move in different social circles, and those realities should be reflected. Please take the two minutes it takes to fill this out.


  2. Please take a moment to fill out Janelle Asselin’s survey about sexual harassment in comics. It’s simple and anonymous.

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    Come see this smiling mug in person at the MoCCA Arts Fest at the Armory in NYC, this Saturday and Sunday from 11a-6p. I’ll either be circulating or making a nuisance of myself near Julia Gfrörer at table G4, so make sure to grab me and say hi if you see me. It’s an alternative-comics convention, so I’ll no doubt be hankering to discuss the membership of the ideal Kingsguard.

  5. Destructor Comes to Croc Town

    Sean T. Collins, story

    Matt Wiegle, art

    more Destructor here


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    I Remember When the Monsters Started Coming for the Cars

    Sean T. Collins, script

    Isaac Moylan, art

    it isn’t meant to be this conversation, but it slots into the conversation so i’m slipping it through, anyway because this is my story and i get to tell it how i want to tell it and if that sometimes means starting some where there ain’t none then that’s what i’ll do to make my point (and i have a gripe, so): the difference in usage of the “giant monster” between this comic and that new godzilla movie is so stark, and so telling - it makes it so obvious why i’m cold and bored and indifferent. empty boasts of monstrosity are nothing compared to the pathetic stage-hands of fear’s theater put to paper, here.

    i know what terror feels like. and i know what it feels like to be grown, to look back and see how pathetically small the thing that enfeared you was, and to still know the terror surging anyway.

    these rough dumb beasts. as if someone’s smug sermon about man and nature could ever fucking compare. ah, gareth edwards and your stentorian, righteously convicted ilk: why can’t you just tell a story, jackass, and trust your audience is clever enough to run by it?

    (i know why. you think your audience is less intelligent than a class full of giggling children. they have to be told. they have to be treated like - like they’re starring on maury: tumblrwave edition: “FINALLY, SOMEONE SAID IT” meets “but where does it go?”. that’s why. frozen happy-handed its audience less than you do, and frozen was a crappy movie.)

    anyway. this doesn’t matter. this is a sideshow to the main event. i’ve lived a life that contains within it the experience of four separate car accidents in four separate cars (ahahaha oh god), and i love how every panel of this feels burly and weightless at once, just like the lurching moment of impact, before the collision overtakes you. everything so languid and horrible and almost beautiful.

    i don’t understand what it is about me, that i have these scars from broken glass and trapped hands in car doors and that’s the part about the accidents i always remember first. i feel like i should.

    This is easily my favorite review of any comic I’ve written. (I like the Godzilla trailer though)

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  7. I Remember When the Monsters Started Coming for the Cars

    Sean T. Collins, script

    Isaac Moylan, art


  8. Everything I Do


    Hi! My name is Sean T. Collins and I am a writer. Here are links to basically every place on the internet where you can find what I do. A site for everything and everything on its site, that’s my motto. Non-tumblrs up top, tumblrs down below.

    Attentiondeficitdisorderly: My main site, located at seantcollins.com. A clearinghouse for pretty much all my work — criticism, comics, TV, film, music, what have you.

    About Sean: Here you can find out who I am and what I do and where I do it and how to reach me if you want to talk to me about any of it.

    @theseantcollins: My very frequently updated twitter.

    Sean @ Rolling Stone: My contributor page at my main freelance gig, for which I mostly work as a television critic.

    Sean @ The Comics Journal: Reviews and interviews for the finest comics criticism publication in English. (Just a google link but it gets the job done.)

    Other prominent recent freelance work: Wired, BuzzFeed Music, Esquire.

    Comics by Sean: This page contains links to every comic I’ve written; some you can read, some you can buy, one or two you can but dream of.

    Destructor: My science-fantasy webcomic, written by me and thus far drawn by Matt Wiegle.

    The tumblrs:

    All Leather Must Be Boiled: News and views on George R.R. Martin’s A Song of Ice and Fire and its television adaptation Game of Thrones, located at boiledleather.com. Home of the Boiled Leather Audio Hour podcast, co-hosted by Stefan Sasse. Of all my tumblrs this is where you’ll find the widest range of posts, as I often rope in pretty much anything I’m thinking and writing about television, fiction, fantasy, genre storytelling, politics, whatever. Beneath the gold, the bitter steel.

    The True Black: Comics written by me and drawn by a host of talented collaborators. Also contains news of upcoming comics projects.

    Bowie Loves Beyoncé: You can’t say no to the beauty and the beast, darling. Images of two of the best human beings and popular musicians, David Bowie and Beyoncé Knowles-Carter. This was my first tumblr, so it’s what shows up when I like your posts.

    Fuck Yeah, T-Shirts: No man with a good t-shirt needs to be justified. Good pictures of our greatest garment.

    Superheroes Lose: Superhero publishers love putting pictures of their superheroes losing on the covers of their comics. I love putting them on this tumblr. When we imagine people who can do anything, this is what we imagine.

    Badge: Stories of police brutality, overkill, and overreach in the United States of America, reblogged from around the internet with minimal comment.  Before they bring the curtain down.

    The Deep Ones: There’s something in the water. Sea monsters real, extinct, and imaginary. Co-founded and co-curated by me and Julia Gfrörer.

    The Devil in Love: A man of wealth and taste. Images of the infernal with undeniable aesthetic and/or erotic appeal. Founded by Julia, co-curated by me.

    Homage to Catalonia: Images of churches on fire or in ruins as a means by which to contemplate the positive and negative energy generated by the buildings and realized in the flames. Founded by me, co-curated by Julia.

    Comics Democracy: Comics with over 10,000 notes on tumblr, found while tumbling and reblogged without comment. I will show you a world without gatekeepers.

    Cool Practice: What I wanted to be and how I wanted to be it, one song at a time. Thoughts on music and its intersection with “coolness.”

    Sean T. Collins on Comics: A repository for writing about comics (mostly comics on the web, mostly alternative-genre comics at that) for my former day job, this tumblr will also sometimes reblog writing-about-comics I’ve done elsewhere.

    Sean T. Collins on Culture: The twin of seantcomics, this tumblr houses my old dayjob writing on genre culture that influenced me as a kid. Who knows what I’ll get up to with it eventually?

    The Boiled Leather Audio Hour: A dedicated tumblr for my ASoIaF/GoT podcast, created for iTunes syndication purposes, but hey, you can follow it if you want.

    In addition, I created several one-off tumblrs to host individual webcomics written by me and drawn by other people. I plan to reblog all of them to The True Black eventually, but here they are in their native habitats:

    The Side Effects of the Cocaine: David Bowie 01 April 1975 - 02 February 1976 (with Isaac Moylan)

    Hottest Chick in the Game (with Andrew White)

    Murder, She Wrote (with Andrew White)

    Who He Is, and How He Came to Be: The Secret Origin of Chuck Bass (with Dan White)

    Kiss of Life/Roman Charity (with Isaac Moylan)

    1995 (with Raymond Suzuhara)

    BIEBERCOMIC (with Michael Hawkins)


    Thank you for reading!

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    Yeah Dude Comics is trying to raise funds for a 2014 comic subscription service.

    short 2 color comics in anthology format delivered monthly to your home! 



    I’m a part of this and a lot of talented people are too. You should subscribe!

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    1. I have a few remaining copies of Blonde Cobra and Flash Forward, which are back for sale at my bigcartel shop

    I wrote Flash Forward; I hope you’d like it, and I know you’d like Blonde Cobra.